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SMARTMARKS (pack of 3)

Everyone knows reading can accelerate your best self journey. Get a glimpse into a top performer’s mind and you can boost your knowledge, shift your perception, and get an edge.
But how much insight are you losing with inefficient note taking?
With SmartMarks you can say goodbye to disorganized notes and cramped scribbles in the margin.

That’s because SmartMarks combine the functionality of a bookmark with the thinking space of a notepad. Simply pop a SmartMark into your book to save your page and your ideas. It’s an easy way to read your way to your best self.

12 pages per booklet.  7.5 x 4.5 inches.

"The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of the books you’ve read."

- Jim Rohn


If you want maximum value from a book, you must engage with its contents. That’s why note taking matters. It’s a proven way to distil the important bits, formulate your ideas, and pin down the opportunities a book opens up for you.

But normal notebooks make for bulky bookmarks and genius insights get lost when you rely on scribbles in the margin or scraps of paper.

That’s why you need SmartMarks in your best self arsenal.

This powerful productivity tool is designed to enhance your note taking and support your self-education.

Thin like a bookmark, SmartMarks won’t bulk out your book like a normal notepad would. And with just enough pages to reference an entire book, your completed SmartMarks will quickly build into your personal, easy-to-reference library of key takeaways and ideas.

It’s the smarter way to read and a powerful way to give yourself that all-important edge.