Courage Over Comfort Deck

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The Courage Over Comfort Deck

A Tool for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone means pushing the boundaries of who you are! With the Courage Over Comfort deck you’ll learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable, experience big personal growth and learn more about yourself with each passing day.


With 150 specific prompts across 6 personal categories you’ll experience growth in your health, learning, personal development, relationships and experiences. The goal is to get more out of everything you do by becoming well practiced with pushing through your comfortable boundaries.



As you complete each prompt, you will build habits that allow you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s where you’ll experience some of your biggest shifts and moments of growth on the path to becoming your best self.


By using your Courage Over Comfort Deck every day…

  • You’ll handle the unexpected with ease. Get too comfortable in life and you’ll forget how to handle problems when they arise. When you’re outside your comfort zone you’ll begin to look at your problems as new challenges to be tackled rather than headaches that need to be avoided.


  • You’ll become a “controlled risk taker”. No risk, no reward right? Well sometimes people take unnecessary risks. The Courage Over Comfort Deck will help you learn to take controlled risks without fear and anxiety clouding your judgement. Thanks to your newfound confidence, leaping into the unknown won’t seem so scary.


  • Your creativity will skyrocket. Seeking out new experiences, learning new skills, digging into new ideas will have an amazing impact on you. They will re-write who you are as a person. You’ll be inspired to challenge your old ways of thinking and you’ll have the lessons and tools to conquer things that previously seemed too hard to even try.   


  • You’ll become one of the “Super Productive” - When you’re too comfortable with your routine you’re often just productive enough to get by. But pushing your personal boundaries will show you how to use stress and anxiety as the jet-fuel you need to reach your goals faster.


  • Pushing your boundaries gets easier. Once outside your comfort zone you start getting comfortable again. Ironic isn’t it? But once you’ve gotten out of it, it becomes easier to do it again. Soon you’ll be “comfortable being uncomfortable” and there will be no limit to where you can go.


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