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The best planner ever!

This is round 3 for me! Love this planner!

Simply the Best !

Waiting for the new year to start my journal !

Beautiful leather

Beautiful leather! Looking forward to using this cover on my book.

Change your habits, change your life!

A fantastic collection of all the best productivity, and positivity practices in one easy place. Let the Self Journal help you make the changes you've been trying to make for years! Oh, and if you're struggling with the 'reward yourself' section of your goal, here's a perfect solution - get the Leather shield, it just keeps getting better with age in each new journal you use it for ; )

Confidence to Kick Ass!

I have been using the Self Journal since December 4. While this is a pretty short time, my confidence has had a major boost because I've been able to accomplish so much. I feel like I can take on the world with my Self Journal at my side!

Perfect Gift

This gift was perfect for a friend who loves staying organized and is tryIng to build her business. She can’t wait to start using it!

Most Fabulous Tools

I love my new planner. Best planner I have ever used. Still learning all the ins and outs.

Both Colors look great!

I ordered the regular and the vegetable tanned shields and they are great! They do take a little "breaking in," but are well worth it! The first book fits quite snugly, but as mentioned it gets easier with use. LOVE IT and how it makes it feel like a classier journal to carry around in a professional atmosphere.

Love it

Quite like it, initial set up puts things in perspective and takes a bit.

Love It!

This isn't my first SELF Journal, but it IS my first Graduate Edition. Thank you for making this!!

I Love This Journal

Since the moment I saw this planner/journal, I was in love. It had all the functions and features I desired, it's well-crafted, and it's inspirational. This is the second one I've purchased. This time around I also bought the pen (which is really nice) and a 2018 Wall Calendar, which I'm very excited to put into good use come January. My only problem is figuring out where to hang it! (My office walls are not friendly.) Thank you Best Self Co. for your continued dedication to your customers and our goals. Cheers!

Good for ambiguous jobs

My work is in leading and developing people and finish lines are often elusive. The SELF journal helped me set meaningful goals and keep focused on them when days felt ambiguous. Those I serve noticed a difference too. I'll be back for another one in 13 weeks.


I love the soft, buttery leather of my SELF Shield! It feels beautiful, sophisticated, and warm. I think it really takes the quality of the SELF journal to the next level.

Love the Thoughtful Design!

I adore the design of this planner because they've really thought through how humans will actually use it. Thank you for making sure I never waste a page if a miss a couple days. The layout is perfection. Best planner I've ever owned!

Best Thing EVER!

I love this journal!! I have been able to move from constantly reacting to the circumstances in my life to being able to move throughout my day, weeks and months with purpose! Such an amazing tool! I love it! It has enough structure to help develop a plan and combines it with creative space! A great blend for many different personality types.

Definitely use it and give it to all your friends! I'm going to be a BSJ lifer!

Game changer!

Can't say enough good things about this journal. It makes my days more productive, boosts my mood, keeps me realistic about how much time I have in a day, and how precious it is! I tell everyone I know about it :)

Great peripherals!

Each item relates to the last and the next. BestSelf delivers an outstanding array of choices for each person's needs. OUTSTANDING!

It's awesome!

Really helps me stay on track with my goals. I now give it to all my clients!

A touch of class!

From that first touch, to the soft leather smell when you open your new leather shield. This beautifully crafted, rich leather case makes it a joy to carry your journal everywhere you go and capture your successes of the day - Go on, treat yourself!

I really like it!

I really like it! I'm still learning how to use it. It's bringing a number of separate lists I've had scattered all over the place together in one planner that I didn't know could ever happen. And I love the daily self-reviews. I'm starting to feel an acceleration of progress from insight that's exciting!

Fantastic Experience

I had a fantastic experience.

Great Product, Great Service

This is my second journal. I’ve enjoyed the first and I’m looking forward to digging in even more in the next 13 weeks.
I went to give a big acknowledgement to the service dept. In addition to the Journal I ordered a weekly action plan that was left out of the box with the journal.
I informed the service dept and anticipated delays with their own orders to fill as well as the General holiday rush.
To my surprise and delight the weekly action plan was rushed to me and arrived within 48hours. This is the kind of extra touch that will turn me into a loyal customer. Thanks!

Expectations Exceeded

I got a great deal on 3 journals, the weekly task pad, and the 2018 calendar during Black Friday. I saved 50% and got free shipping. The order arrived right on time. One of my journals was damaged and after sending customer service a picture they sent a replacement which I am waiting for now. I am excited about using these products for 2018.

Great cover!!

Product is very well made.


Alll wonderful!!!

Just What I Needed

I have been struggling for a long time to find the kind of planner that works for me. I love to be creative, but often have ideas that aren't related to what I'm doing or don't fall into my schedule. I love crafts and adding color to my planners, and so far the BSJ has offered me the flexibility of the "Ideas/Notes" section with the structure and focus that I was missing.
I can add a few doodles or stickers within my time blocks, jot ideas that slip my mind during my morning routine, and stay focused on my personal goals all in one spread. Using this format has really helped me to monitor my time, begin to set boundaries with my day job, and think more about how I am caring for myself. Here's to working on consistency; I can't wait to see how the next 11 weeks turn out!

Love it!

This planner has helped me create better habits and learn how to better manage my time!


Simple & detailed to be helpful.


I love the fact that you have thought of everything!!! These are the tools I need to take my life and my business to the next level. If someone does not have these tools in their tool bag then they are missing out on 10x their productivity.


Love it. It is helping me SO much...creating and breaking down goals and then tracking them. I am SO enjoying it. I have stepped up and I am making lots of movement.

Love this product

Great tool


Another exceptionally well-made item by Best Self.

2018 Wall Calendar

with the choice of Landscape or portrait, this can be placed in the best position for you. Mine is on my bedroom door on the outside so I can work on my planning at the end of the day and it motivates me to fill it in. It reminds me there is so much time to fill positively that it is a real motivator

Love it!

I’m not a budding entrepreneur and not looking to set up the next multinational. I’m a teacher and use my SELF Journal to keep track of my Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing. On opening the box, you can instantly tell that the product is of a high quality and the content of journal is so well thought out, it isn’t only useful as a business tool, but enables everyone to benefit from creating better life habits and achieving their goals. I can’t remember how I managed without it.

A more focused perspective

Journaling has been elusive to me for years. Not really having the right structure to hit all the important elements, and this journal does it wonderfully. This has now a staple in my life like meditation and exercise!


This is the best journal i have ever come in contact with. While working on the planning for my first joural I haven't even started yet. I ordered this journal so I would already have the next one read when the 13 weeks were up.

Life Changer

I love this journal! I can easily track my habits and assess my progress as I move forward towards my goal. The reflection moments are great to get your mind right and stay focused on the good even when stress hits!

Instant impact

In receiving my SELF-journal this month, I have already begun structuring my work-life's intentions and find it absolutely valuable the clarity I've gained on what I truly find important to focus on now. Excited about the journey - I'll check back in 13 weeks.

Best agenda I have used

I love the concept and the pages. My only struggle is managing my own time so that I take advantage of the tool properly. Best planner I have ever used. I would love it if there were tabs or something (other than ribbons) that could assist in finding the sections easily as I struggle to locate them quickly. Great planner!

Great buy

Really helps you plan and map out your goals.

More productivity

I get so much more done since I started using my journal daily.

Great Tool + Resources

So far, I've loved using the Self Journal. And the online community on Facebook has been amazing!

Love it

I look forward to using it and it is really helping me to focus in on what is truly important each day

Great journal

Brilliant journal, well put together, well laid out. Really helps to achieve your goals

I love this!

This journal has become a huge part of my day, week, life. I just love them. And I have been giving them as gifts to family.

Great idea great quality.

Wonderfully made, great tool, however, a few more pages on thinner paper.

Perfect for students!

I have quickly fallen in love with this journal. I’m young, a student, and extremely picky about my journals! It is obvious how much work was put into the Self Journal, and that really pays off in the end product. The separate sections and spots for intentions, gratitude, etc. are perfect. I’m excited to use this journal and reach my goals in 2018!

The new white print is perfect!

This is such an improvement over the original blue/gold print! Easier to read and more eye catching. Stands out in my office very nicely. Perfect!

Getting to know you...

I had been working with the pdf doc, just ordered the actual BAH to start 2018. Very happy to see the changes that were to this edition. I found the tutorials on YouTube to be quite helpful in getting started.


Love it so far!


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