Support your mom’s dreams.
Help her achieve her goals.

We get it… because your mom is one of a kind, she deserves a gift that’s as unique as her.

It’s why you don’t want to mark Mother’s Day with predictable flowers and chocolates. And your mom already has a ton of jewelry, drawers of scented candles, and a year’s supply of toiletries! Instead, you want to give a thoughtful gift that shows your mom how much she means to you.

So give this bundle and keep putting your mom first – long after Mother’s Day is over.

The Mother’s Day Bundle contains three of our most popular success tools. It’s the perfect gift for your mom who deserves more ‘me’ time so she can follow her dreams and do more of the things that make her smile.

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SELF Journal

Tried-and-tested, this planner is designed to make success inevitable. Simply use the easy-to-follow structure to set a goal, break it into achievable chunks, and track daily actions.

Your mom can use her SELF Journal to schedule her responsibilities, track progress towards her goals, and make more time for the things she loves.

Sidekick Notebooks

From to-dos, to grocery lists, play dates to ideas… Mom’s have a crazy ability to juggle information and remember endless essentials. But you can make her life a little easier with this notebook.

With a Sidekick in her handbag or pocket, your mom can free up headspace and cut the chaos by writing stuff down on pages she’ll love filling up.

Win The Day Pen

Every mom needs a pen and this one looks awesome, fits in a pocket, and writes beautifully. Plus, its WIN THE DAY inscription can help nurture positivity too - ideal when the unexpected hits and forces mom to rethink her day!

As a result, this success tool is the perfect companion for your mom’s new SELF Journal and Sidekick.

“Love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark."

- J.K. Rowling -

One thing moms have in common is an instinct to put the needs of her family first. But that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about her dreams!

So this Mother’s Day, say ‘thank you’ in a unique way - by giving your mom the tools she needs to do something for herself. Whether that’s career-related, well-being, or items on her bucket list, this gift bundle can help your mom focus on and achieve the things that are important to her.

What are your mom’s secret aspirations? What adventures does she long to have? What targets does she want to achieve?

Through this bundle, you can tell your mom you believe in her goals and that it’s time to prioritize her dreams.

Simply order before 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, May 10th and we’ll ensure your bundle arrives in time for you to show your mom how much she means to you.

$63.00 Buy now


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